The Game Plan for Joy in Youth Sports


Help your child get the most out of the youth sports experience.

Give them the confidence & life skills to last a lifetime.

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Having a child involved in sports is an enjoyable shared family experience that teaches many life lessons & helps shape a child’s future. But, it can be tough & has its challenges for both the child & the parent…


The commitment to the team, the drive to finish the season even after a tough game & the mental maturity & strength it takes to handle conflict & failures. 


Here's the truth,
70% of kids quit playing the sport they love by the age of 14… 

Many times the child quits prematurely due to avoidable circumstances; having too much pressure placed on them, not having the skills & knowledge to handle the stress & anxiety that comes with playing. 


The foundation of enjoyable sports participation starts at home.


  • A parent who is overwhelmed with navigating the youth sports landscape?
  • Unsure how to navigate challenging conversations with a coach, other parents, or even your child?
  • Dealing with a child that wants to quit a sport they truly love? 
  • Struggling with knowing how to help your child with the mental struggles they are facing?


  • Giving your child a foundation that allows them to play & enjoy their sport as long as possible. 
  • Helping your child build skills to help them cope with the struggles of failure & conflict that inevitably come up in life on & off the field. 
  • Empowering your child to create actionable steps to reach their goals & have the confidence to dream big.
  • Teaching your child how to take ownership of their journey and manage their stress & anxiety without the arguments.
  • Being confident that you are giving them a foundation for success.

So what is the secret to keeping kids in sports & helping them continue to enjoy it even through the inevitable challenges?


It seems like a pretty straightforward process to support your child in sports… 
  • Take them to practices
  • Show up to games 
  • Make sure their uniform is clean

 But it’s not that easy is it?

The secret is learning to navigate Youth Sports (no matter what level your child is at) & help kids have the best experience possible so they don’t quit out of impulse or as a reaction to stress or conflict that they don’t know how to handle.


It is knowing & understanding the deeper issues that your child is facing: 
  • The emotions after a tough game
  • The stress and pressure to not make mistakes
  • The conflict with their coach or teammates
And when you understand these issues & have the tools to help them navigate the difficult times you will not only help your child play(and enjoy) their sport longer but you will also be instilling valuable lifelong lessons.

You need a GAME PLAN.


Love The Process isn’t a typical course…

It’s a road map that will guide you through every twist and turn of the sports journey taking you from an overwhelmed sports parent to the confident and informed sports parent your child needs.

"I really appreciate Coach Lisle and this course. He shares so much knowledge with parents.  I as a parent feel more comfortable dealing with the whole sports atmosphere and understanding how this affects my daughter’s perspective of the game.  This will help my daughter achieve her goals not only in the game but in life in general.  Thanks, Coach for sharing your love and knowledge."
-Jeff P.,
El Paso, TX
"Coach Lisle has shared so much great knowledge and insight into the world of sports.  I have three sons and I have experienced the best coaches and some of the worst coaches over the last 17 years of my boys playing sports. I so wished Coach Lisle’s course was mandatory for all coaches, parents, and players!!!! It would make the world of sports a lot more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks, coach for being a positive light in a crazy world right now!"
- Kimberly S.
Alpharetta, GA
"I've been following Coach Lisle for several years now. He is truly an amazing person, coach, and now mentor. His insight and experience is one of a kind but, the one thing I admire the most is his passion for today's youth and the willingness to wear his heart on his sleeves. I myself have learn to become a better parent and use the sound advice he has so openly shared with us. Thank you, Coach Lisle"
-Ruben C,
Los Angeles, CA



Over 150 videos and resource materials helping parents, coaches, and athletes around the world live their best youth sports life.


The program includes....



Over 150 videos and resource materials helping parents, coaches, and athletes around the world live their best youth sports life.


The program includes....

Join the Love The Process Program Today!

Over 50 Videos for Parents on topics such as:

  • Dealing With Failure 
  • Athletes Taking Ownership of Their Journey
  • Mental Health Training
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Goal Setting and Expectations
  • How to Manage Conflict With Coaches
  • Picking The Right Travel Ball Team
  • Playing Time Issues

Over 50 Videos for Coaches on topics such as:  

  • How to Build A Championship Culture
  • How to Deal with Parents
  • How to Deal with The Problem Child
  • How to Deal with Playing Time Issues

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Ok, so how much is it? 

Let me ask you…
What price would you pay to see the joy on your child’s face as they play the game they love for as long as they can?
What price would you pay to give your child the confidence they need to succeed?

Consider this an investment into your child’s future, an investment that supports your child & gives them the best possible foundation for success in sports & in life.

There will soon come a day where you will have an empty schedule that was once filled with late night practices & weekend games.

You will miss this. Hold on to this season of life for as long as you can.

How to support your child through the tough times & knowing how to navigate the world of sports is EXACTLY what I teach inside the Love The Process Game Plan…


Since I am so committed to making Love The Process as accessible as possible, to as many families as possible so that I can help as many children as possible stay playing the sport they love for as long as possible. The Love The Process Program is usually $199 but if you are reading this I am offering the entire Game Plan for only $97.
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I’ve been in your shoes…

I am not only a coach but also a father to 5. My children have spent over 20 years playing sports & I have had the honor to be both a coach and a parent. I know firsthand that being a parent is hard. You try your best to raise your children to be their best. I know how it feels to want your child to succeed on and off the field and grow into a thriving, confident adult. 
With my years of coaching and raising my own children, I have seen firsthand the difference sports can make in a child’s self-worth, confidence, and resilience. I’ve seen how a child who loves a sport quits because of their parents and the pressure so many unintentionally place. 
As parents, we want our kids to play & love their sports as long as possible because I can tell you… you will miss this. You will miss the late-night practices. You will miss the long weekends full of games. You will miss the conversations on the car rides. You will miss the pride you feel when they smile and wave at you in the stands. So I want to help you keep your child involved (and enjoying) as long as possible.
I have created this program in hopes of helping shape this next generation of young athletes & their parents. A game plan to navigate this complex world of coaches, competition,& craziness so that your child can be set up for success not only on the field but also in life…

Greatness always plays a bigger game. 


 I can’t wait to be a small part of your child’s success. 

-Coach Lisle


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